Welcome to Our Foundry

Madd Castings was opened in 1998 by Robert, aka “Moose,” Gugelman and his wife Denise. With some backing from local artist and family member Jane Dedecker, and a banker that believed in their mission, Garth Thomas; Madd Castings began their tradition of quality castings. Moose, who has been in the foundry business since 1977, got started when working for Bob Zimmerman who is still running his foundry, Land’s End in Paonia, Colorado.

The foundry has grown substantially over the years from the original six employees to sixteen employees at one point. Robert’s son, Chris Gugelman brought health and safety to a new level introducing innovative designs to ensure the safety of all working in the foundry. The Occupational Health and Safety Association, OSHA is a governmental organization that ensures the safety of businesses on the behalf the employees. Madd Castings was the first bronze casting foundry to achieve OSHA’s Sharp Certification which is the highest mark of health and safety awarded. With the addition of solid mold investment casting and the use of the pre-core technique in the casting process, Madd Castings continues to add to list of casting styles that the foundry is capable of doing. From massive monuments to delicate jewelry, Madd Castings has done it all. In 2008, Madd Castings installed a 10 kilowatt system of solar panels which powers 96 percent of the 110 volt power that the foundry uses. These progressive ideas continue to bring the foundry to lead the bronze casting industry in the 21st century.